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Originally posted by Graham Hickey
What are they at down there, I mean the most ludicrous of all – submitting motions after the meeting started?!?
You’d wonder about this place you really would…

There were certain procedures that were flagrantly breached and I am sure will be firmly dealt with by Wicklow Co Co and I would hope Fianna Fail as well.

Frank Corcoran was excellent and his restraint was exemplary, it is I hope the start of An Taisce concentrating on its role as

1> The National Trust of Ireland

2> To advocate environmental and Heritage policies as all other National Trusts do

3> To act as observer of the planning process comenting on individual applications if it is felt that an apllication may potentially have perceived negative effects

It was never the function of An Taisce to act as an opposition party no matter how opposed they are to individual policies.

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