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quite general but as u say sadly more or less highly accurate. them and students. but i am just wondering now is this the way with every city in countries with immigration. examples come to mind of the various china towns. just a little thought.

while i generally agree with ur assesment for traffic etc, i still can’t help but come back to the same old reasoning. if a family owns land then they can build on it if they want.
there may be a solution to the whole thing that we are all missing because, to be honest it’s like ww1, trench warfare, each side thinks they are right, and u have to admit there are very stubborn people on both sides, and so there is a standoff and nobody wants to think of compromise. i will admit, the argument that irish peple have lived on the land all the time to be quite tiresome, as under british direct rule the landlords owned the land and therefore the irish were tenants who lived in little settlements. before this they lived in clans. if they said it was about the right of a person to live on their own land then to be honest in opiion there isn’t really a whole lot to do. of course the regulations need to be tightened ,not only for the protection of the most scenic areas, but in general too. i find it funny that a house can be regulated but for farmers who spread slurry onto land there is no action. this is a major pollution factor. dare i say more than an average domestic dwelling. then again i don’t make the rules i only have to follow them.

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