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Originally posted by FIN
i actually agree with u devin. it is horrible.

Well An Taisce – for better or for worse – is actually trying to do something about it

Originally posted by FIN but unfortunately the euro is the decisive factor here. we can’t really tell them to spend more money but it is our job to give them better architecture for the money they are spending.

It’s not just about architecture or how well a house sits in its surroundings. Traffic generated by one-off housing in the surrounding countryside means that the main streets of every Irish town (the daytime ‘service centres’ for one-offs) are bumper to bumper with traffic all day long – they have become unliveable places, thus increasing pressure for one-offs. Ireland is locked into this vicious circle of bad planning, and the government are not doing anything about it. This will store up huge social, economic and environmental problems for future generations.

Sadly, the only people you find living in town centres now (excluding the large towns and cities) are non-nationals.

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