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I agree totally with D_D_Dallas and Ewan, it is primarily about spatial planning and building an environment where local government can operate efficiently. The cost of ESB connections are just a symptom of a much wider cost base issue.

I like to use the image of the courier company, to move a letter from Merrion Square to Mount st costs about 4 euro to move an identical letter to Naas costs 40 euro. An Post is leaking money like a sieve while the workforce has never worked harder or smarter.

An Taisce does not have a problem with people building homes, they merely have a problem with uneconomic settlement patterns which lead to

Worse local services

Higher commercial rates in most counties outside Dublin

Worse roads due to the funds being spread thiner

A higher central government subvention to local authorities.

Less efficient Semi-states such as the ESB and An Post

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