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It is a sad fact of life that it is cheaper to service urban areas than rural. The more houses in a given area, the lower the cost per unit. Simple mathematics. If you have a high voltage power line (which you generally do running across the country both urban and rural areas) and you are dividing the cost between 100 houses as against 1000 houses, it follows that the cost per unit will be higher in the case of 100 houses. I agree its not proportional, in other words, the cost of connecting each of the 1000 urban houses is not 10% of the rural ones, it will be more than 10%, but it is still remarkably lower.

The same underlying principle is why it is generally easier to get planning permission for infill developments than those at the edge of towns. The main services are already there and only the link to this main service is required.

For years, Dublin didn’t have to pay service charges because there were sufficent business to pick up the slack through rates (again the advantages of urban living).

I also pay my bin taxes without protest and believe that those who don’t should be subject to confiscation of wages orders.

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