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But ya see I DO think No.5 and No.6 Lapps Quay are of a high standard of design – especially when you consider what No.5 used to be, it’s an example of clever and innovative redesign. City Quarter, I have to agree looks boring on paper, but to see it in real life – even though it is yet to be fully complete – certainly made me change my mind. It is pretty awesome. And if what you say about ‘boring buildings’ easily rentable – the aforementioned projects have SOLD almost all their office space at the stage (No.5 sold out, No.6 3 floors remaining – not even the frame is up yet on this project – and City Quarter is 70% occupied with another floor being added to meet demand) and yet office vacancy rates at a national level are just under 15%. Sure Cork is booming at the moment but I still think the demand does reflect quite a lot the quality of the product.

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