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I do believe that An Taisce have a general respect, I am not saying that people have an affection for An Taisce but more a type of an ‘institutional respect’

They certainly are not reviled the way some would wish, many have a belief that An Taisce will protect them if something unsavoury is proposed a little close to home.

People like to see An Taisce object to something they don’t wish to see, it gives them a sense that they are right to object.

I certainly accept that particular individuals can be a little aloof at times and that knowledge of contemporary architecture can be a little limited at times.

But I must say that the Heritage officer Ian Lumely has an excellent knowledge of both historical and contemporary architecture, I have seen him compliment many a plan for something modern. He can get quite excited by some of them, he rightly says ‘why can’t we see more like that one?’

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