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I do not find myself in a difficult position, I did a little consultative work for An Taisce and met with all the professional staff and some of the Key elected council members. I have to say that while I wouldn’t agree with all of them on everything they were a very high calibre group of people.

Regarding your assertion that it should be disbanded I couldn’t disagree more. They are in many ways the last line of defence for heritage where the IGS don’t have a presence.

Regarding your assertion that they are costing jobs, that brings to mind Patrick Gallahers 1970’s protest on Molesworth St when his construction crew were laid off until he got his way.

The developments you have supplied with the exception of Water St are not of a great architectural standard in my opinion.

Water St was a well designed proposal, but you have said that at least part of the proposed site contains 18th century buildings. I haven’t seen the buildings so I can’t assess their merit, but in general 18th century buildings should be preserved.

I also feel that you are hitting An Taisce as an ‘easy target’ when you would be better trying to influence

A. The relevant development plan

B. The Local Authorities

C. An Bord Pleannalla

I agree that Cork needs development and that the docklands provide a perfect opportunity for Cork to build a sustainable urban quarter.

But look at the development of Dublins Docklands after the Initial 3 buildings (IFSC House etc) the architectural quality went down hill and only now are proposals of real quality emerging again.

I feel that if the Cork docklands are to emerge as a real quality district you need to relase a lot of land quickly, the R&H Hall portfolio would give the scale necessary. Picking a little here and little there is only going to lead to friction as you need to add large quantums of floorspace to release significant equity.

The vision of Sean McBride, O’Dailiagh, Arthur Cox and Preagar will continue and sadly An Taisce is almost alone as a Champion for the quality of life, its remit is broader than most National trusts because the NGO sector in Ireland is weaker than is typical in a 1st world economy.

All Credit to the IGS, Coastwatch, Birdwatch, platform 11 and the others involved in promoting sustainability and protecting heritage

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