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The Water St project is an obvious target for an objection. Based solely on scale. There is nothing NOTHING of heritage value in this area that would be lost as a result of this going ahead – this isn’t historical city core. It’s not situated next to Finbars Cathedral. I am suspicious when I hear An T try to pathetically reason their objections with lofty “classical” descriptions. What drugs are they on? Go down there and actually look around (Fitzwilliam Sq it aint).

The Mannix “building”??? If anyone who’s ever lived in Cork or knows the story behind that – an attempt to rebuild this should be supported. Period.
By objecting to this An T Corcaigh have let the people of Cork know that they are not residents in the real world. Go down to Washington St… seriously…

As for shiny and new??? Well which is better – the Cork of today? Derelict and run down?

My favourite observation which speaks volumes about the kind of people in An Taisce Corcaigh was when the hotel was planned for the Coal Quay. Apparently building a hotel on this scale in such an area would ruin the historical markets… again someone please go to the Coal Quay and look for these markets… Eastenders.

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