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Its funny. I hear so much unjustified and unsubstantiated criticism of An Taisce that I tend to mistrust most hostile rants against the organisation (of which I am not a member).

However, Lexington, your complaint is a new one for me. Could you provide any data to back up your criticism?

How many major developments have been proposed?
How many have been objected to by an Taisce?
How often have the objections been upheld by Cork CoCo? How often by ABP?
Is your problem mainly with the delays caused or with the decisions being taken by planning authorities further to An Taisce objections?

(By the way in the interests of disclosure – but not to take away from the validity of your comments – have you been involved in any project which has been stymied further to an An Taisce appeal?)

On a point of information An Taisce is not, by and large, funded by the taxpayer.

One further question – are the objections you refer to mainly submitted by the Cork branch or the national organisation?

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