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Don’t know about the one across the road or the first one (which looks like it got a serious Po-Mo going over 10 or 15 years ago) but the other two are identified (pic and names, etc) in A Guide to Modern Architecture in Dublin by Tomas O’Beirne (1978).

The red-brick is Carrick House by Stephenson Gibney and Associates (1972) for Baggotrath Investments. The originally open undercroft at ground floor level was filled in at a later date.

The third building is described as “office building at no. 2 Burlington Road,” designed by Tyndall Hogan Hurley (1969) for Hardwicke Ltd. O’Beirne’s book shows that the original window bands were fully glazed, with 5 panels of clear glass; now there’s this ill-judged combination of tinted (?) glass and solid panels – the narrow ones reducing cold bridging at the concrete columns. The crass white band at the top is also ‘new’. [A similar 1970 scheme by the same architects for the same clients at no. 8 Burlington Road – also featured by O’Beirne – appears to have been elegantly detailed, in a pre-oil-crisis sort of way.]

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