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That’s great news for Pearse St.

I don’t agree that the Nassau St railings are unfortunate, they make a magnificent statement whilst not being overly fortress-like.
What would have been unfortunate is a rubble stone wall which Trinity could equally have built around its grounds in the 19th century.

Nassau St is one of a kind in the city centre by having buildings on just one side with railings/green views on the other (other than the squares) with the railings generating a unique character and quality to the street, indeed they are something of a landmark.
Where railings should be removed and retail installed is around the other side, on Pearse St, which drastically needs development – indeed it’s surprising Trinity of all people even bothered to put repros around here.

On a barely related topic – does anyone know what that building is outside the window of the cafe in that ridiculous Referendum Commission ad on the telly?
It looks like the Museum Building but the stone window detail is different and there’s no big windows facing it, so short of them going to Venice to shoot the thing does anyone what/where it is – Dublin or elsewhere in the country?
Sorry but it’s really annoying me – something of a minor (nervous laugh) pastime recognising buildings from details!

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