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Keating, the system you are describing sounds like the International Standard system (ISO 13567-1,2,3). I looked into this, but have to agree with Fin – it seemed very complicated also. It would work superbly I’m sure, but the Arch office would have to be immaculate with its implementation and use, and I just know that it would not work in my office. Despite having some international projects, I also felt that unless those offices also used the same layer system, there was no absolute need for using this system, and so a more user-friendly, Irish system (the CITA system) would be of more use.

With a well designed system, drawing model can be draw orthaganally, All plans have the same origin and sections and elevations are drawn perpendicular to the grid. Details are overlaid on large scale sections.

…Keating, I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this, but sounds interesting…could you explain more?

Are you also saying that you’d have a little thumbnail of the overall drawing in the titleblock? Sounds like a good idea.

I agree in principle with the idea of the hard copy and virtual copy being named the same, but do you not find it awkward to know what is what when scrolling down the list in the computer…esp when taking over a proj from someone else? Perhaps a better system would be to call it “a-156_GroundFloorPlan-Zone1” or something?

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