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i have already tried to float this on . . .

and you got two highly qualified structural engineers explaining to you why it is not a good idea in term of costs versus return etc. Just because they did not give you the answer you wanted does not imply you were snubbed.

To add my own perspective, the purpose of the Interconnector is not simply to connect Connolly-Spencer Dock and Hueston together so we have have a connected rail network in the city – if that was the case it would be a huge waste of money as the Park Tunnel route could do just this. This is how it was first marketed, and is sadly how Brennan is stil view it and it is much more than a DART conneting line.

The purpose of the Interconnector is to move 60,000 per hour though the city centre with intermediate stops between Heuston and Spencer Dock as well as make conections with all other modes. The Interconnector is only part of a Dublin Rail Plan which will allow people from Newbridge to travel under the city centre and on to Drogheda allowing them to get on and off at several stations in the city centre. The Maynooth commuters have the same option, but going to Greystones instead. We are talking about a very high-frequency commuter rail network serving a vast hinterland were the current option for most commuters is to drive. The Dublin Rail Plan will have the capacity to transfer 25 million people onto public transport per annum and deliver them at several points in central Dublin. Each DART unit can carry 1200 passengers – the Interconenctor allows DART train running at high frequency to get to places like Kildare, Dunboyne, Maynooth and Drogheda – just think how many cars that will take out of the city centre.

Bearing in mind that the main function of the Dublin Rail Plan/Interconnector is one of a car congestion buster – your mini-connector, will like the Airport Metro do little or nothing to solve this problem. This is why railways are to be developed – to provide a real alternative and not just to join them all together for the sake of it like some massive Hornby Model Train set.

The Interconnector and the Dublin Rail Plan is quite simply brilliant in its design, scope, massive passenger capacity and potential to transform the city of Dublin and indeed a huge part of Leinster from a giant carpark it is now and will continue to be if Seamus Brennan gets his metro from the Green to the Airport serving areas of low car ownership and already excellent bus services.

This Interconnector is such an important project it should be developed in full. What you are suggesting is no better than when Mary O’Rourke got out her crayons and a map of Dublin and decided that two broken LUAS lines was intergrated transport. We have to get out of this mentality in this country and do things properly once and for all. Enough half-assed transport projects already.

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