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Craig Davis

Was it just me or did people have problems accessing the site earlier?

Graham it seems like anything that hurts your argument you term irrelevant or not the issue.
Earlier in the thread in discussing your proposal, it was with regard to the length of Westmoreland Street, however once phil pointed out that he couldn’t see how ‘the whole street such as this could be unified as you are advocating. It is a complete mix of styles from different periods’ , the relevant area of the street is reduced to being only from the junction with Fleet Street to the Quays.

You say that the mentioning of the demolition of the York St. terrace and the present development of Dublin are not the issue. We have a government at present who don’t mind bulldozing through castles. I think in this vein the issues of conservation (at York St.) and national strategic planning are all relevant, as they paint the broader picture for the context in which such a proposal would be considered. Issues like this never exist in isolation.

‘With regard to the Venice Charter (and thanks for the info) I get the impression from the parts quoted that it’s still largely referring to ntl monuments’
The Venice Charter refers to the entire built heritage of historical & architectural significance. If you’re still skeptical as to its pertinence, and its subsequent impact on national legislation on the built environment in this country you could check out the ICOMOS website or contact NMAPD at Duchas.

‘There is no need to extend the replica logic to inside’
Well isn’t that only because it hurts your argument?

‘sure were that the case every shop in the city would be a repro!’
How? Why? Plenty of shops, offices etc. in the Dublin operate within listed interiors. In my view recreating the interiors is as logical as recreating the exteriors i.e. neither should be done.

‘About the interiors – it’s not a wider issue than the exterior streetscape; it’s about just that – the exteriors!’
In other words your argument is solely on the exteriors. I think this narrow focus of façadism is one of the biggest hindrances to your proposal. When dealing with historical buildings the issue is never simply ‘just … the exteriors!’

‘There is potential there that should be exploited.’
I can’t see it happening though, due to a lack of will, desire and legislation besides the issue of practicality. In my view for something like this to succeed as a general strategy there would need to be wide held support from the public as well as professional organisations.

I totally agree that this is something that needs to be discussed. I’d be interested to know where do groups such as the Dublin Civic Trust, The Irish Georgian Society and An Taisce stand on this? What’s the general feeling out there about this?

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