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Originally posted by Graham Hickey

. A very small amount would be built.
. They would have complete historical relevance to the sites.
. They would rectify the severe problem of the existing Georgians being diminished architecturally by existing in isolation.
. Along with the restoration of existing buildings, they would bring the Georgian heritage of the city back to its centre, helping to reinforce the identity of the city.
. Most imortantly and simply, they would unify that whole stretch of the street making it look fantastic.

Graham, why do you want to re-create a streetscape that has not existed in such a long time. There are some great buildings on the west side of Westmoreland Street. Have a look at some of the following:

The two biggest disasters on that street are the two buildings that have tried to replicate the Georgian style, Namely the Ballast House and the one opposite it (not too sure what it is called but it is the one beside the former ICS). I don’t see how the whole street such as this could be unified as you are advocating. It is a complete mix of styles from different periods.

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