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Craig Davis

Speaking of Nassau St. is there any news on the possible development of the strip of land between the Trinity cricket pitch and and the street?

‘facadism’ can be shrouded in subjective arguements – but of course it is

Graham, I’m glad you agree. My point here is that because architecture is such a subjective issue how would such a proposal possibly be carried through. For instance would the property owner have any say in it? Would they have to fund it, if not should a CPO be placed on the property? Most conservation architects who I’ve talked to are totallly against such mock facades that you propose. This would be in contravention to several of the principles set out in the Venice Charter (on the conservation and restoration of monuments & sites). I’d be interested to know how a proposal like this could work, is it only the facade that would be ‘replicated’ or should the interiors be reproduced as well.
Who would decide on its appearance and who would get the final say on how it should look?

A step towards improving the look of Westmoreland St. & O’Connell St. would be to solve the problem of rubbish bags being left out by businesses around there. Also to sort out the clutter of signs, street furniture & trees especially outside of Spar on the corner of Westmoreland street would help.

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