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Two replicas I can think of from a thread on started a while back concerned Dutch Billy houses. It was pointed out to me that the gabled house on Kevin’s St., just around the corner from St. Patrick’s, was a late 19th century attempt at 18th century Dutch Billy houses – a good one, I would say.

I also like the Dutch Billy house on Leeson St. – part of the school there (the Institute of Education, I think). This is apparently quite new – but the brickwork and appearance certainly had me unaware of its newness until it was pointed out to me on this noticeboard.

And I’d certainly call the new Archer’s Garage a replica – a good replica – as it seems to exactly match what was there before – unlike most other attempting at reconstructing. These are good examples of building replicas – but there are very few. That said though, the proportion of good replicas is probably in direct proportion to the actual number of ‘good’ buildings in Dublin in general.

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