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Well, the majority of people don’t seem to have this problem – and I’m in that majority. I have no problem seeing the recontruction of good designs. You obviously then have a problem with the reconstruction of Archer’s Garage – fair enough if you do, but again, I think the majority of people would think it good that this design again graces Dublin, even if it is a replica (so what? is what I can’t help in saying) – as long as its a well contructed replica with appropriate materials.

I think both replica reconstructions and new innovative buildings both have their place. Again I use a European example but Berlin has both – and is all the better for it. All of Seoul’s ‘historic buildings’ are in fact a little more than a few years old – some finishes as late as the mid-1990’s. I think Seoul would be much the poorer without what were innovative, uniquely Korean designs and so not only should they have been rebuilt, they had to be rebuilt.

But key is good quality contruction and materials – for both new designs and replicas. This is rarely the case in terms of the vast majority of buildings built in Ireland – certainly over the last 40 years or so.

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