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The building is fantastic. Such a towering sight – Extremely few buildings built since this in 1901 (i.e. in the past 103 years!) come close to being as impressive, in my opinion. It certainly does provide a focal point – and although the Geogians are nice, they create a streetscape as opposed to a focal point and I think you need both. (Mind you, most designed now seem to vie for focal point rather than streetscape).

I wouldn’t advocate rebuilding it in its original position – the building currently there are quite attractive and ccomprise an impressive building stock. But there’s plenty of buildings worth replacing on O’Connell St. now and something like this would certainly raise the profile of O’Connell street around the Eircom building, for example.

Where I’d most like to see it though is probably at Murphy’s Laughter Lounge. It could provide some sort of balance to O’Connell House across the road.

Not that it would ever be rebuilt – I’m just wishful thinking at I’d have loved to have checked out that viewing patform.

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