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Craig Davis

club owners pocket cash and buy a yacht…. ground share occurs ad infinitum….

I wonder where we’ve seen that before?!! Although it looks like they’re all at ground redevelopment, bar Shamrock Rovers!

There are “plans by Albion Properties to totally (re)develop the shopping centre, construct residential apartment blocks up to nine storeys in height and provide a new 400-seater spectator stand at Dalymount Park football stadium.”

There’s a model of the proposal in the Civic Offices foyer. I only had a quick look at it, but I’ve been left with the distinct impression that it’s not much better than what’s there already. The sole architectural element that I remember vividly was the use of dark-tinted glazing similar to the over-scaled piece of work coming to completion on Capel Street.

No need to fear though; the existing Brutalist-style office block won’t be touched!

There was no architect’s name attached to the model, always reassuring!

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