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Originally posted by PaulC
Diaspora, yes Charles Haughey was a crook etc etc But we are talking here about contributions to the built environment. You cannot deny that Charles Haughey was responsible for the few projects I listed.

No arguement this the fella was so power mad any opportunity votes was taken, except that the IFSC was incorporated in the 1986 Finance Act so Peter Barry should actually get the credit. I also feel that the developers Hardwicke should be credited for designing what was a damn good scheme for the 1980’s.

Originally posted by PaulC
Also Abbottstown was more than just a stadium, it was an entire campus of sports facilities, which the country would have for a long time and would have been something we could have been really proud of.

As stated before there already is a national sports campus at UL it was funded by an american philanthropist it has the best training environment possible for athletes, does a country of 3.8m people need two centres of excellence?
I also prefer owner occupier arrangements, GAA stand up and take a bow!!!!!

Originally posted by PaulC
I dont wish to reopen this debate again, but Schumann if your mediocre politicians were running the country since its foundation then we would not have…
Ardnacrusha, IFSC, TempleBar, Government Buildings, Museum at Collins Barracks, or even new motorways (as your guys would probably have just widened existing roads) etc etc

If Bertie learned to speak clear concise english schummann would be wrong, the Royster is just another example of where politics have decended to. After 10 years of economic boom we have a motorway to MONASTEREVEN on the county’s busiest road. Dublin Bus will start losing 22m a year from Breananns ‘Liberalisation’ of the Bus market. They are not mediocre they are quarter wits

Originally posted by PaulC
Also I believe Garrett should also be credited with the DART. A pity successive governments since didnt extend it down the Maynooth line and the Kildare line.

1989 Joe Doyle topping the poll in Dublin South East with Garrett scraping his seat from Rauri Quinns surplus, I am proud to have given part of my 5th year summer time to that campaign, although I have not voted Fine Gael since. Garrett thought about others first and himself second it was a different time. Things were very clear in those days Haughey & Flynn & Burke or Fitzgerald

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