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As bad as this Jury’s is, I think the Capel St. building is truly terrible – a nightmare. Its a shock to see and, in my opinion, worse that any I can think of – certainly up there with Hawkins House, Apollo House etc.

The truly shocking this is just how much of that part of Abbey St. it takes up – the building just seems to go and go and go – so linear – its the most horrible design and materials I have seen in the shape of a building built since the 1970s.

The person who has designed this should have his eyes poked out for imposing such a monstrosity as this on the city – something we will be stuck with for years. Is the Luas really worth this price?

The buildings it has replaced were standard bearers – typical no nonsense Dublin late 19th century red bricks, contributing to the rich streetscape of Capel Street and bringing that streetscape around the corner into Abbey St.

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