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I was just thinking that! The bricks used and the concrete are very similar.
Sorry, you’re right Paul about the building being well ‘ended’ – I was thinking of the issue similar to what Rory just raised, the fact that the neighbouring building on Grafton St is a couple of storeys lower, making the corner building look stranded when seen from the Green side.

I like the idea of a glazed section on the proposed building wrapping round over the lower storey of the Gaiety – this would also in part alleviate the height differential issue.
I note the top storey setback is cropped out of the image – it would be helpful if it was fully included – and preferably not shrouded in darkness!
The bulk of the building presumably would be much greater in daytime with the loss of transparency – a daytime image is needed.
The terrace from the Green looks really nice when seen in your images Graham – always interesting to see familar buildings from a different perspective.

Forgot I took this picture of the S G Centre.
Now how can you not love that – look at it there, all she needs is a bit more icing sugar and a cherry on top šŸ˜€

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