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A red brick STW wasn’t it?

I agree that the centre is not bad – everyone loves to laugh at it cause it’s so out-landish now, which is fair enough.
But in the late 80s, this was possibly the highest spec building built in the city in that decade. This was the first time attention was paid to detail and finishing in a major public scheme (Powerscourt aside) – ok the Victorania frills and Regency green is out now, but was the height of fashion then.
Equally the balustrading, the lamp standards and wall sconces and flooring etc was unique in Ireland at the time and is worthy of praise,no one else bothered their arse to execute such high-standard developments at the time.
The fact that it is so over-the-top now I think makes it almost immune to criticism today – it’s in its own little world.

The corner ‘iron’ facade externally is equally distinctive, and not nearly as bad as people make it out to be and despite the crudeness of the supporting girders at close quarters, I like it.

I agree the floor access arrangements – an obstacle course to say the least, and the front does need to be cleaned (one of the first major uses of PVC here behind it too)

It’s extraordinary how tourists love this building, they’re always scrambling over each other to take pictures, esp at Christmas when it looks great.

Opening the shops to Sth King St would be great but there is a significant height differential which would probably render it impractical.
I agree about the shops – crap, indeed the only use I make of the entire centre is the handy cash machines at the (first) side entrance, and to olge in the window of the Sony Centre – mmmm dv cams….

I agree the status of the Gaiety should be maintained – regardless of what goes nextdoor it should be subservient to it in scale.

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