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Originally posted by kefu
So Devin, how do you explain the fact that An Taisce’s appeal included the wrong street names etc. It’s indefensible.

I disagree, the individual in question would have been asigned to this objection only after a committee had agreed that an observation was merited. The same individual is working voluntarily and while being quite clear what they wished to say, obviously made a typing error when editing an existing document.

All property reports particularly valuation, building regulation, and planning reports are derived from templates, it cuts out waffling as the development plan objectives and guidelines are included.

Originally posted by kefu
An Taisce is not there to stop any new development in Dublin.
After all, every new development in Dublin either overlooks, shares a streetscape – or whatever other bullsh** An T usually claims – with some historic building. It is after all a Georgian city.

It is correct An Taisce are not there to stop new development, what they do is attempt to represent the viewpoint of heritage in a small percentage of particular applications.

Pleasant streetscapes should be preserved and An Bord are the adjudicators of what is worth preserving to the exclusion of additional floorspace.

Originally posted by kefu
An Bord Pleanala would hardly have rejected this on the basis of complaints from two residents whose garden was being slightly overlooked. It was An Taisce’s inaccurate cut and paste appeal that killed the project.

An Bord will consider the proper planning and sustainable development of an area, regardless of who objects. Residents objections are often dismissed because they lack the templates to build a coherent objection.

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