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Originally posted by Devin
I see that that bitter Galway architect is back on his An Taisce-hating hobby horse on Archiseek again. grow up fin.

ahhh! devin honey… why do we fight so. i have never got off my hobby-horse as u so ably put it.and i don’t hate every thing ye do. i think ye do sterling work on our beechs.
why don’t u go back into the dept. of environment and beg again for some more scraps. then maybe u might be able to make a clear objection that actual relates to a specific project and not blanket every new build around what ye describe as of historical interest. just because i’m not middle aged, balding and fat doesn’t mean i have to grow up. i could say welcome to the 21st century to u and all ur cronies. 😉

while it’s true an t doesn’t reject decisions it is a worrying trend that an bord pleanala tend to side with them a lot. they have to be in bed together!!!:D
i know it’s a personal preference but i don’t see how a glass facade can detract from a stone building. for me it enhances the old rather than take away from it. but then again i ( if i may say so) take a modern approach to architecture, life and the world.

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