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Though I’m involved in Dublin City An Taisce I didn’t have anything to do with this appeal.

I’d like to see something good on this site. Wejcherts haven’t always been my favourite architects – they did some terrible postmodern rubbish in the 80s and early 90s – but this design could have been good – perhaps 7 storeys was slightly overscaled.

This is a trend lately. In circa 1999 it was acknowledged that the scale of the core of the city centre should be preserved at all cost and that anything over 5 or 6 storeys should only be built outside, in the docklands or wherever. But now almost every scheme in the city centre seems to want to go up to at least 7 storeys. All in all I agree that this scheme was a tough one to call.

I see that that bitter Galway architect is back on his An Taisce-hating hobby horse on Archiseek again. grow up fin.

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