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Rory W

Bad decision

I think the grounds that An Taisce put forward for not building this are misguided to say the least. “South King Street has a mixture of 19th and 20th century buildings, it retains a cohesion of scale which would be unbalanced by the proposed development”.

South King Street has 1 good building – the Gaiety itself – the rest ranges from standard through to dross (particularly the Gaiety centre itself) – The street itself is too narrow for the seven stories of the proposed building to have a detrimental effect on the streetscape. The current building is five storey with plant room on top so I don’t beilieve the height argument one iota.

Im starting to think that An Taisce will not be happy until the replacement for the Gaiety Centre is a two storey red brick box like the recession built “stock” kitchen shop on the corner.

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