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This Libeskind style is starting to look tired and empty of any meaning.

In Berlin’s Jewish Museum, I could see the violence of the building as a reflection of the violence inflincted by the Nazi regime on the Jewish people.

In Toronto, its just a design to catch the eye and make a bold statement – “Danny, will we put a slash here or here…”

Now in Dublin, he has proposed a ship version for Dun Laoghaire, and this which looks like something from the Borg in Star Trek.

So whats the meaning Danny? Mr Libeskind said his futuristic wedge-shaped building would show how architecture could act as a magnet for the public. It would not be a stand-alone building, but would be integrated into an urban space with as much going on outside as within.

So it has no meaning – just your signature style now so…..

Danny boy, you have completely debased the Berlin Jewish Museum for me. The exterior of the Dublin concert hall looks like one of the corners of the Berlin Jewish Museum turned 90 degrees.

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