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Hello – I’m looking at a map from as far back as the 1830s and as Phil says Hogan Place was indeed Wentworth Place, and well built-up at that.
And looking at a completely modern map (ie from 1980!) I’m glad to tell you that Wentworth Terrace still exists in some form or another. Unfortunately it’s only listed in the street index rather than the map, but it nonetheless indicates that it’s probably sandwiched in the square bounded by Hogan Place, Holles St, Lr Mount St and Grattan St – likey to be leading off Hogan Place itself.
Also, an illustrated map from 1846 shows the area built up with Georgian houses of at least two, most three storeys.
This is actually a really nice part of town, around the canal there -must take a wander round some day again…
Anyway – hope this helps!

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