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Isn’t the area outside the Loretto going to be a contra flow bus lane so the Loretto brigade would have to park in it if they were to pick up their darlings where they do now but that wouldn’t surprise me?

If you want to get to Adelaide Rd you could go around Merrion Square and along all the Fitzwilliam St’s until you are on Adelaide road. Not ideal for a motorist but I think that is the point, make it difficult for motorists travelling trough the heart of the city.

I agree that Pembroke St could become a bit of a nightmare and something should be done at this junction.

One possible solution to the problem is if the DCC gave up the lucrative parking spots on the St Stephens Green East or at least made the cars park parallel to the side of the green and then add another lane to this side of the green for traffic going south. Two going north and one bus and one normal lane going south.

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