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The Earlsfort Terrace route seems the best option for buses.

What is important for the newly pedestrianised area is that it reinforces the demarcation between the island effect of the Green in relation to the roadway rather than simply creating a sprawling spilling over effect from Grafton St to the entrance to the Green.
It could be potentially messy to have the roadway coming from Merrion Row with the Green clearly defined all the way along, and then to have it stop at a dead end with acres of granite replacing it after Dawson St. There is a nice avenue atmosphere along the Green North at the moment that would be a shame to loose.

At the entrance to Grafton St I propose a vast baroque water feature of carrera marble featuring Neptune holding aloft a giant bowl from which water would spill over bronze mermaids and maidens, in turn flanked by 16 storks jetting water into sea-shells held by groups cherubs – all in honour of Mr Clerkin himself.

The perfect partner to the Stephens Green Centre 🙂

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