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Originally posted by phil
Why is an expert in science and technology stating this? Surely he should be sticking to his own area of expertise!

There is little question that of all the Universities in Ireland UL has progressed most over the past 15 years, from being a regional National Institute of Higher Education it has become a highly respected University in a relatively short period of time.

It has done this not by becoming better in one field but by combining a diverse offering of relevant courses in one location, unlike DIT it has emulated the NUIs and TCD by doing it on one campus.

UL has like the other Universities built real connections with local industies which has led to tangiable agglomeration economies. The Shannon region has a disproportionate share of Foreign Direct Investment built upon its educational and infrastructural base.

His theory that one site should be selected as an administrative second capital is based upon his experience of planning and executing what many would have said was impossible in his own field.

I agree with his site selection, as it is closer to Shannon airport than the Dail is to Dublin airport and is closer to the Ennis rail line than the Dail is to Heuston.

It is therefore sufficiently connected to capitilise on the potential for agglomeration economies, which after all is what spatial planning is all about.

Given that the planning profession has already expressed serious reservations about decentralistion in its current format he is not suggesting anything really new, but more an opinion that a suitable site exists.

I agree Castletroy was an ambitious location for a University, well done!!!!! šŸ™‚

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