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Just another question.
Why were the entrances to the Cash Office underneath the portico blocked up again in the reconstruction of the 20s?
For some reason in 1870, these entrances were blocked up, and access to the building was through the now also blocked up central doorways on either side.
But in the refurbishments just prior to 1916, including the building of a new public office, the OPW made a deliberate point of reopening the entrances beneath the portico. ]
Suffice to say, the place was completely destroyed 6 weeks later, after years of rebuilding etc.

Why were the entrances blocked up again in the 1925-29 reconstruction? The new brass windows inserted in their place were completely unsuitable, and look rather tacky today.
And why were the original secondary doorways in the centre of each ‘wing’ of the building blocked up? You can still see where the new granite was inserted.

These entrances should be reinstated, as without these focal points the wings are quite bland, with just a repetition of the five same bays.

Also, the entrances underneath the portico should also be put back in; give it back its purpose and some dignity.
With the widening of the pavement to way beyond the columns, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be done.
It would be wonderful to walk from the plaza through the columns, through the arched entrances and into the public office.
(Ok, jumping over a couple of traffic lanes in the process!)

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