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I think it has given many a renewed confidence, and its not easy to design in this town due to the lack of really good comparibles to view day in day out.

There is no doubt that it has had some impression and that the building stock of good modern buildings are growing.

If you take walk around the mews lanes of inner Ballsbridge say Heytesbury and Pembroke lane. Analyse what was built during the 1970’s through 1995 its twee crap in the main.

It is known in my locality that I am working for An Taisce, so whenever a planning application is lodged I am often asked to examine applications for older residents.

One application I objected to successfully involved the demolition of a mid terrace victorian house (4 bed) no question.

But increasingly lately I am struck by the quality of many planning applications.
Many architects are creating excellent contemporary designs with minimal impacts on their older neighbouring buildings. It is a great feeling to walk away from the civic offices impressed and able to tell worried people, ‘actually this will increase the value of your home’:p

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