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Originally published by RTE Interactive
Decision on Viking site in two weeks

15 May 2004 18:54
The Minister for the Environment, Martin Cullen, has said he will announce within two weeks, a decision on the future of a newly discovered Viking settlement near Waterford.

Speaking in Waterford at an informal meeting of EU environment ministers, Mr Cullen said the 9th Century remains, found in the path of a proposed ring road, were quite extraordinary.

The director of the national museum, Dr Pat Wallace, has called for the site to be excavated fully.

However, the National Roads Authority has proposed that the ring road be built on top of it.

Earlier, delegates from the 25 EU member states were welcomed to Waterford by Alderman Tom Cunningham as the talks got underway.

The three hours of talks were to focus on the issue of waste management and, in particular, the illegal transport of waste across borders.

A report published by the Environmental Protection Agency earlier this week found that while Ireland had exceeded its recycling targets, the amount of rubbish we generate is actually increasing.

NRA supremo Malone was quoted during the weeksaying

Originally published by RTE Interactive
that people who made a lot of noise were being listened to and that they should be listening to those who were quietly working away

Well if all my projects were often a multiple of their original budget I’d be silently unemployed, when one proposes to concrete over a potential World Heritage site, it is a good time to be quiet. Whether they should still be working is another question.

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