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is the ennis bypass the start of such a horse trail? i think that getting a full motorway between here and there is going to take at least until 2035 as u said as there is just too much hassle to stand it it’s way. probably some rare plant or other nationally important considerations. and definately if it’s not linking dublin then what’s the point???? i know it may sound like a culchie bitching about how we never get anything down here but while i don’t generally air such views it is unbelievably true. the only reason we are getting a motorway from dublin to galway is so it’ll be easier for dubliners to come down here on bank holidays when there is a massive influx. there is a complete railway from sligo to limerick and from there i presume to cork. this would serve as major infrastructural line however it remains closed while not only a luas but now a metro for the greater dublin area. and that is besides the dart. now if anyone can see sense in that then please feel free to enlighten me.

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