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Todays Irish Times carries the story that the Kinsale Rd Interchange is to start construction this year. Two years after its original opening

Plans for a third north-south motorway are well advanced with news that the N2 is also to be upgraded to motorway status

The M50 is going to require up to €650m to sort out, this figure pre contractor increases.

While Breannan wishes to shovel another €30m into raising the height of the port tunnel to accomodate 3% of trucks that are banned in 13 of the 15 EU states.

When Peter Malone of the NRA was asked to produce a comment on the rational behind the Sligo town centre dual carriageway no comment was made although Frank McDonald got a set of shrugged shoulders and a smile.

It appears our Peter “pushed aside all criticism becuase they[NRA] just want to pour concrete”

Why build one when you can build three?

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