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what is important though to realise, and this does take in Fin’s point about ‘experiencing urban environments more’ – is that these ideas about ‘edgedoms’ exist a lot in contemporary urban and architectural literature and thought.

The only problem is, that until now, they have only existed in the ‘up in the sky’ language of architectural elite super-brains and theory oriented practioners. Translate: The kind of guys who will read Rem Koolhaas books and understand them.

But this BBC feature I saw last night, was the first time in which I actually felt I could understand some of what the environmentalists, architects and urbanists were talking about.

The UCD publication called ‘Tracings no.2’ appears to look at the issue a bit too. The Docklands area of Dublin is a perfect place to argue some of these values too.

I mean, the kind of architecture you will find in an edgedom is typically different from that you might find in urban or rural contexts.

I.e. Containers converted into shops and such – the place has it’s own unique character, moods and language. A lot like what they said about Temple Bar in the original competition times.

Many would argue that Smithfield actually ‘lost’ alot of its character with those ‘award-winning’ lamps going up its centre.

That places like Constitution hill should not be given the art treatment’ so much etc.

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