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Quote “But there is a necessary trade off, and no exceptions – progress does have a price.”

That interpretation implies that there is a meaningful discussion. There isn’t any discussion at all, the NRA choose their routes and consult no-one.

The conservation lobby, advised the NRA to choose a different route on the N8 following the alignment of the Dublin-Cork railway, a route that would have involved a fraction of the severence of lands.

It furthermore would have offered the opportunity to build a spur motorway from Tipp town to Limerick effectively linking Limerick and Cork by motorway and completing 1/3 of the Limerick-waterford route to motorway strandard. Whilst cutting the length of the Dublin-limerick motorway requirement from 70 miles to 25 miles independent of the common dublin-cork overlap.

That is progressive thinking, the NRA will over the next 15 years build a series of 5-7 by-passes to get to limerick and sever a 70 mile route.

The price of progress is softened by consultation. There are always options

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