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The NRA does it again!!!!!!!

“Several major routes planned by the National Roads Authority are being held up by objections, oral hearings and problems with compulsory purchase of land.

The Save Tara/Skreen Valley Campaign said the leaking of the Government Road Safety Strategy along with “accusations” in today’s media reports was “a cynical exercise by the Government to blame and defame heritage campaigners, and shift responsibility off the shoulders of the authorities”.

“We are pro-roads. We simply want them built legally, efficiently and properly,” the group said.

“The Government has proven they are unable to do any of the above, and has caused the delays at Carrickmines and elsewhere by refusing to admit they made a mistake or alter their plans accordingly.

“The reality of the situation is that it is the Government that is causing delays, and possibly costing lives. Their unconstitutional dismantling of the heritage protections in the National Monuments
Act, and the closure of Duchas, has exposed the Government agenda to remove protections for heritage and facilitate the National Development Plan.”

Prominent members of the Tara campaign were also involved in the protests against the construction of the final section of the M50 over the site of the medieval ruins of Carrickmines Castle in Dublin.

The statement said the M50 was also delayed by Leopardstown Racecourse and by a dispute between Dun Laoghaire County Council and Ascon.

The Tara group said the Government “must reconsider” its plans for the Hill of Tara or else the process of building the Clonee-Kells bypass of the N3 would face “massive delays” again.

“There is a huge problem with the N3 traffic situation that needs an immediate and effective solution. The current plans for the M3 motorway are not it.

“Lives are at stake, and the Government, not the citizens, is ultimately responsible for the legal, intelligent and efficient delivery of infrastructure. No amount of defamatory spin will change that.

“Other countries have good motorways and strong heritage protections. Why can’t we?”

The earliest settlement at the Tara site dates from around 2500BC. The site also contains a large number of monuments, over 30 of which are visible.

The National Roads Authority has defended its plans for the by-pass route, stating that the new road will be twice as far from the Hill of Tara as the existing N3″

Fr Dougal Maguire

“The lights are on but nobodys home Ted”

Roundabouts are only abandoned when it enters a heritage area it appears!!!

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