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Quote: “Many smart growth proponents who call for higher-density, mixed-use suburbs are especially invested in the idea that maturing edge cities represent a potentially promising future.”

I agree Blackrock, Dunlaoire, Tallaght town Centre, Dundrum Village.

Where the existing services are and where existing populations reside.

But the unfortunate reality is that most of the development occured outside these ‘maturing edge centres’ i.e. places that had their own radial transport networks and were well connected in terms of public transport provision. Places that offered ideal brownfield sites upon which to go higher density without straining the existing infrastructure.

My top five examples of developments that proported those theories fraudulently

1. Parkwest
2. Liffey Valley
3. Central Park
4. Sandyford
5. The Red Cow

As I have said before Dallas works because they followed the model to the letter, where does everyone think the Citywest model came from? It’s not sustainable in eco-terms but infrastructurally it has been very well behaved.

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