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ooch! but quite true i must say about the tribunals. and it doesn’t pay to do the low profile things like engineering supervision. the general public don’t particularly care about that. “sure what are you doing that for, can’t they do that themselves” also local costom’s in building are what’s used in afflicted countries who are too poor to correct it themselves. a hell of a lot of money would be needed to provide what u ask. take recent tragety in iran. a whole city needed and well still needs to be rebuilt. but how much is that going to cost and can a few paddy’s really make a large difference without some governmental aid. and with this aid will come government supervision and experts.
also that particular place was there for hundreds of years… kinda hard to say to everyone …get out and we bulldoze ur gaff in case an earthquake happens and kills loads of yez. i agree with the princple but application would be hardship in the extreme.

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