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can u imagine the fun of trying to explain how to drive those to pat-joe from the bog? 😀
traffic lights on roundabouts give them enough trouble….
well what do u think…roundabouts or fly-overs?

i am sick or these 2 lane motorways..i think they are stupid but i must admit…the bypassing of towns with just 1 lane…genius…and on the routes of major proposed motorways…. what were they thinking. i can only judge the gal/dub road..even though i have traveled a bit on the dub/cork. the bypass of some little shit town in kildare was just 1 lane and now the loughrea bypass is 1 as well. i thought it was going to be a motorway connecting the major cities…why waste money on these little crap things and just spend it on a proper motorway???? i can’t understand this. oh! and there is going to be about 4/5 roundabouts on the loughres bypass….i don’t know why so many are needed:(

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