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Citywest is a model of how to develop a cutting edge industrial park. It has multiple exits on therebye dispersing its effect on the existing road network. It also has a flyover so that traffic merges into as opposed to obstructing other traffic in the way that roundabouts do.

I wouldn’t consider the Red Cow roundabout progress on any level,

1. Traffic a disaster
2. Architecturally it is Brooklyn turnpike meets poznan
3. Sustainability it is quite low density (designers excepted)

The only thing it has delivered was a quick buck to a few minor developers.

Ideal development patterns would involve Citywest type industrial parks for industry/logistics.

Developing offices in centres such as the docklands, Dunlaoire, Tallaght town centre, Galway City, etc

What doesn’t work is an inadequate road network thats principal junctions are

A. Roundabouts

B. Mostly choked by large scale retail developments.

I am really looking forward to the Gilmartin phase of Mahon Tribunal

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