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I agree that two lane motorways have a lot do with a lot of the congestion problems particularly on the M50. I find it typical of this country that the Western Parkway as it was then known was built at two lanes, particularly the Westlink bridge.

Wasn’t P Flynn the minister for environment behind the scheme?

As at that time at was abundantly clear that the three lane M25 was a disaster in London and figures were around that proved the futility of trying to build additional lanes vs additional motorways. Refering to the construction of the M40 vs the widening of the M1 on costs grounds.

But what really baffles me is not that corners were cut but that in subsequent years developments such as Quarryvale were sited literally on top of these important national infrastructure nodes.

I really think the NRA deserve about as much respect as their american namesakes.

You heard it hear first

‘fresh water muscles’ in Durrow Co Kilkenny, the NRA heard it year ago, but to quote Fr Dougal McGuire ‘The lights are on but nobodies home Ted’

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