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Coyle Hamilton aka Phoenix House is the most disgustingly repulsive building in the city after Hawkins.
How anyone could ever appreciate its brashness, its horrible projecting, cluttered, finiky, shiny aluminum windows, or its horrendous concrete, today or in 100 years time is beyond me. I have to look the other way when passing – it’s nasty nasty nasty.
Apparently it was a trade off with the Georgian Society in the late 60s or 70s, they wouldn’t object to the knocking of the Georgian houses on the site if the developer kept the one next door that’s still there today. Something like that anyway.

I think there’s a sad element to the passing of time because when these buildings first went up people were generally appalled by them, whether by the materials used or more likely the sheer scale of them.
But as time passes people just don’t care anymore, they just accept them, and don’t realise that things could be so much better.
Suppose it’s most notable on Stephens Green south, with the Big Three of trash lining the end with Leeson St, we really just accept them as part of the streetscape, that Dublin is just ‘like this’ with horrible modern buildings that people don’t like, which in turn makes them not like the city.
I know of so many people who don’t like the feel of the city centre, including family – all of whom are from Dublin, because of these buildings.
They percive the place to be tatty, ugly and crude.

That’s why I object so much to the likes of O’ Connell Bridge House, it creates the impression of a mediocre, middle-rise city, and destroys the character of the whole area, making it feel like a nasty provincial British city.
And I don’t mean character in terms of ‘oldness’ and ‘quaintness’, but meaning a quality, human scale, with interest and distinction.
I don’t think people’s opinions will cange, some will still like it, and others, while most still won’t.

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