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emf, I was also thinking that. I went to see the exhibition on Saturday when it was blowing a force 9 gale in Dun Laoghaire. I emmedietly started to think about that. It is difficult not to get blown away on the seafront in Dun Laoghaire sometimes as it is, so with people elevated that high in the air they will be completely exposed to the wind no matter what its direction is. A good indication of the force of the wind in Dun Laoghaire at times is the shape of some of the trees on the seafront; in the area around the east pier they have all bent towards the town because of northerly winds over the years.

Technichally speaking, it would have been possible until recently to bring the Dart in to what ever project got the go ahead. However the tunnel from the Railway line to the Carlisle Pier is half blocked now because of strenghtening work. It probably would have been too big an aspect of the project to have been worth it anyway, considering how close the station is.

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