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Relax a little Trigger it is still better than Kingstown!!;), I have lived there for 25 years, and I too prefer the proper spelling but as I am a terrible speller myself I find I can never give out about it too much.

I quite like the Libskind design and the Henegen.Peng design. They both seem to give real open public space as part of their proposal. My only problem is that when I was looking at the Libskind design I noticed that one of the buildings within it is called ‘the sail’. For some reason this really bothers me. The only problem with the Henegen.Peng design for me is that it seems to ignore the existance of the seafront road as it makes its link to Moran Park. The Libeskind design seems to be the only one which as really thought about this link in a realistic manner by the use of a bridge. I think, however that the extra building within the Park takes away from the Libskind design a little.

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